About us

EnProCon Enterprise Ltd became Public Limited Company since 25th June 2011 after conversion of its earlier entity “Sabre Machinery Pvt. Ltd”.

Though relatively a new company, EnProCon is backed by a seasoned management team with collective experience of laying more than 2,000 kilometers of cross country pipeline projects and associated activities as HDD, Storage Tanks, Heavy Equipment Erection, Terminal & Station Works; Piping & Composite works in Oil & Gas/hydrocarbon sector, water, steel, power & other infrastructure industries.

EnProCon owns sufficient fleet of Pipeline & HDD equipment with nearly for operating three different spreads of Pipeline up to 36, with all supporting activities such as Pipe Boring, Horizontal Directional Drilling, etc.

“All experience is an arch, to build upon”

Though EnProCon’s background and experience is in project management of mission-critical, large manpower resources based project such as cross country pipelines, our focus remains on application of our experience, whether it be in Hydrocarbons Midstream segment or Environmental projects such as bioremediation of lakes and ponds.  We’re constantly looking at new challenges to meet, while remaining committed to Health, Safety and Environment.